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Hector Heritage Quay 1

Hector Heritage Quay 1

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The Hector Heritage Quay is home to the Ship Hector

The Ship Hector arrived in Pictou Harbour on September 15, 1773, bringing 189 emigrants to their new home. The story of the Hector and its passengers is a unique tale of the first permanent, enduring Scottish settlement in Nova Scotia.

Those who arrived aboard the Hector, as well as those Scottish settlers who followed, made enormous cultural, political, intellectual and industrial contributions that shaped Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada.

This historic voyage marked the beginning of a massive wave of immigration that would shape the future of North America and gave Pictou the honour of being called “The Birthplace of New Scotland”.

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This photograph captures the splendor of Pictou's Hector Heritage Quay, showcasing its colorful buildings under a blanket of snow. The bright hues of the buildings contrast with the snowy landscape, creating a visually captivating scene. 

This wintery depiction of the Hector Heritage Quay in Pictou captured in this photograph will add a distinctive, warm ambience to any interior, while evoking the beauty and history of this iconic location.

The photo measures 10.5 x 13.75 inches, framed in an elegant white frame measuring 12.75 x 15.75 inches. For optimum protection, it is covered with clear glass. Secure fasteners are included to enable you to hang it easily on a wall, adding an artistic and authentic touch to your space, whatever your chosen decor.

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