Happy New year 2024 from Gaétane and Benoît

Happy New Year 2024

The year 2024 is full of promises.

I intend to communicate a lot to the outside world during the Year of the Wood Dragon, which starts officially on February 10th. 

The act of painting is always something very lonesome, very private and yet it becomes very public when you decide to be a true artist and start showing your art outside.

Art emerges from a very solitary place to a highly public one.

What is true about the artwork is also true about the artist.

Enjoying the confinement of the studio does not mean that you dislike de company of people, au contraire.

I really enjoy meeting people at the Art2Sea Gallery where me and Gaétane are working as member of the cooperative.

We get to put artwork on the wall and we get to meet different people everyday and have great conversation about art and life.

Having your artwork exposed in different regular art galleries where only the owners and their staffs work is fine. But keeping a place where you can meet art lovers a few days a month is necessary, for me.

Spending more time with yourself cultivate your personality like cultivating your flowers and vegetables making it more vibrant, colourful and nourishing.

This coming year the garden will be more accessible.

Happy new year to all.

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