Photography is a way of expressing myself. The practice of photography has always been a source of curiosity, inspiration and emotion for me. 

Personally, I use "photographic technique". I see photography as a tool for artistic creation. What I like in my images is to be able to tell a story or suggest an atmosphere.

In the art world, it's not enough to master the tools properly. Know-how has to be worked on, to a certain extent. Originality is a wall that you may or may not cross. 

See differently. Live in the moment. Be in the right place at the right time to create an image that incorporates chance and the unexpected and becomes our signature.

I love chance and the unexpected.  I photograph almost exclusively outdoors, and it's hard to predict what nature has in store for us. When I'm out hiking for a few hours or walking around my neighborhood, I'm obviously careful to check the weather. Living near the ocean, the weather can sometimes change rapidly, winds can be deceptive and you have to adapt.

I prefer to go with the elements rather than against them.It's all about having fun, trying things out, testing, and above all, not taking yourself too seriously. Here, I'm showing you some of my reflective photos just to give you a taste for not stopping to make the perfect photo. Like I said, it's all about having fun. And we're starting here, with a reflection we've all done no matter what our age, and which makes us laugh every time.

reflection photography car door

Me and Benoît in the reflexion of the door car

The image that comes to mind is the reflection photo. Adding a touch of creativity to your photos with reflections is a great idea. We tend to think that you need big lakes and calm water to get beautiful reflections and make a successful reflection photo, and it's true, it's a good choice. But wherever you are, there are other reflective surfaces besides water, such as mirrors, metal and ice. To achieve your goal, you need patience and sometimes luck.

    Boston building with glass reflection       Boston building reflection building with sun   
              cloudy in front and blue sky behind reflecting in the building
    bell reflection       Glass table wine reflection 
           Bluenose II bell                                 Table and glasses

Pictou harbour resto with ice reflection
Pictou harbour at night partially iced water 

River John sunset winter reflection
River John winter sunset partially iced water

A small puddle can be satisfying. All you have to do is bend down as low as possible in relation to the water and get close enough.

Sea moss reflection Gaétane
My reflection in the sea moss

In this way, the small body of water allows us to find a reflection that takes up a lot of space, especially as the lens will be almost parallel to the surface.

Smaller, shallower bodies of water produce better reflections. The fact that the water doesn't flow and the wind has no effect on the surface, unlike a large body of water.

Lakes also have the particularity of having small stretches of shoreline where the water is less disturbed.

Ducks Trenton lake reflection
Ducks reflection shoreline

The fact of having a slightly "blurred or distorted" reflection thanks to the rippling of the water allows me to obtain a different rendering and create images with a more abstract approach and form.

Toney river yellow boat wind reflection
Toney river, just a little bit of wind, a little distortion for added character

Toney river white boat wind reflection
Toney river, just a little bit of wind, a little distortion for added character

Since light is essential, I favor optimal conditions, i.e. in the morning, just before and after sunrise, and in the evening, just before or after sunset (i.e. during the golden and blue hours) and on cloudy days.

Pictou sunrise wind reflection
Pictou sunrise, just a little bit of wind, a little distortion for added character
Pictou 10h06 no wind reflection
Pictou harbour no wind 10h06

Pictou harbour 10h07 reflection
One minute later, 10h07 Pictou harbou just a little bit of wind

To give an impression of depth, I include elements between you and the reflection. This also makes the photo look more real.

Pictou harbour 3d reflection
Pictou harbour with the bench to give some depth

It can happen that the camera lens doesn't capture an image on certain days. And that's just fine. Every moment is unique and exceptional.  It's not essential to try and hold on to everything around us forever. Life is constantly changing. Suddenly, the perfect photo appears before me. As I've already said, I love chance and the unexpected. 

Pictou harbour perfect reflect
Suddenly, the perfect photo appears before me

Happiness is here and now.
See you soon! 


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