Gaétane Martel photography

Photography in my life

I have been taking pictures for over 30 years.  When I was young, my mom and dad always had a kodak or an 8mm camera to keep a souvenir from our outings and family reunions.  I could see how happy they were when they relived those moments and the story around those pictures.

Discovering inspiring places while walking in nature and taking the time to listen to it... waiting for the right light that will tint my photo with the emotion I feel in my heart.

Light... fascinating, enchanting, transforming, seducing me every time and reminding me again and again that it is light that chooses if I am in the right place at the right time - a fraction of a second is enough to create the soul of a shot, to immortalize it or to remember that it ever existed.

Having the freedom to live in the moment. People think that being able to enjoy the present is when you have time. Every moment of your life is the present moment. Don't wait until the present to enjoy it, because otherwise it's called the future or the past.

Photography is a way for me to express myself and highlight the beauty that surrounds us. I use nature as a means of expression. It also allows me to become aware of the vestiges of nature and the passage of time. It gives me great freedom to create and express my vision of photography.

The story behind each image is unique and exclusive. That's what I like to share with people.

In my practice, I also like to bring a technical dimension by exploring encapsulate a picture with resin which adds a different characteristic to my art.

I love life, I enjoy life.
Every moment is unique and exceptional.
See you soon







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