Landscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia

Capturing natural beauty through the lens

Ever since I moved to Nova Scotia, my favorite things have been the sunsets and sunrises I witness several times a week.

They are particularly spectacular, creating a palette of varied and exceptional colors in the sky, ranging from pinks, oranges and purples to deep blues and turquoise. The colors reflected in the water of the Atlantic Ocean, the Northumberland Strait and often accentuated by the granite rocks and beaches, add to the striking beauty of this coastal landscape, offering breathtaking views.

Photography is more than just taking pictures; it's an intimate dialogue with nature. It's a fusion of art and lens, to capture the essence of natural beauty. It requires a deep connection with the environment, a keen sensitivity to capture the harmony of color, the symmetry of form and the magic of fleeting moments. 

Each shot is the fruit of patient, meticulous exploration, where we become silent witnesses to the raw beauty of the world around us. In this ever-changing universe, every moment becomes a unique opportunity to capture spectacular landscapes.

Photographing in the wilderness is not without its challenges. Changing weather conditions, difficult terrain and the patience required to wait for the perfect moment can all be obstacles to overcome. However, every challenge is an opportunity to learn and adapt, and every successful photo becomes a priceless reward.

Technique is important, and creativity transforms a simple image into a captivating work of art. Playing with light and experimenting with different angles are essential. However, it's the photographer's artistic eye that brings an image to life and tells a unique story through each shot.

My first landmark photo shoot in Nova Scotia's South Shore is entitled; The "Symphony of Summer Sky Colors at Peggys Cove", which refers to the spectacular beauty of the sky during the summer months. 

The color palette can vary considerably depending on weather conditions and the time of day. 

These photos were taken between 8pm and 9:30pm in August.

Lanscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia
Lanscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia
Lanscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia
Lanscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia


Vibrant reds and oranges: At sunrise and sunset, the sky can be ablaze with red, orange and pink hues, creating a striking spectacle above the sea horizon and coastal landscapes. 

Lanscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia


Violet and mauve: Sometimes the sky takes on softer hues, with shades of violet and mauve blending with orange tones, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Lanscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia
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Deep blues and turquoise: During the day, the sky can take on shades of deep blue, sometimes mixed with shades of turquoise, contrasting with the rocks and waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Lanscape photography Peggys Cove Nova Scotia
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Golden yellows: On certain days, the sky can be illuminated by yellow and golden hues, especially when there are scattered clouds reflecting sunlight. Photography through a window.

Sunset photography Nova scotia


Pastel shades: At other times, the sky can take on softer, pastel tones, with touches of pale pink, light blue and delicate shades that create a calm, soothing ambience. Photography through a screen.

sunrise photography Nova scotia


Nova Scotia is famous and renowned for its spectacular and picturesque coastal scenery, magnificent sunsets of brilliant colors, unique rock formations and iconic lighthouses.

Each sunrise and sunset offer unique and captivating nuances in the sky, creating memorable visual moments for the photographer in me.

Enjoy life


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