What's next

What's next

You can find inspiration anywhere. Colourful, mittens, socks, hats, ... made with love by the library knitting club.

How to find a good subject for our next piece, or subject for a blog page :)
First what makes an artist, an artist ?
I think it is the will to make the next one better. Always better, always closer to the vision. may it be a poem, a novel, a song, a pair of knitted socks or a painting etc.
The next piece of art must be an evolution of the last one, even if it's part of a collection, an artist will find a way to improve something, make it better, it might be an exploration piece but it will always be in the spirit of improving and putting more love in your work.
If you do the same thing over and over, you are a craftswoman or craftsman, which is totally fine as well.

So your next project should be something that helps you explore deeper into your creativity. Always love and get excited about what you do. Please yourself first. 
beautiful things happen when you are in a state of bliss.

Sometime you get commission work and it could be harder to experiment and challenge yourself because your client wants you to do something precise for her or him, in your most recent style even in an old style. it is time then to use your imagination and find a way to do something new, like trying a new color mixing method, or a unusual palette, of course pre-approved by your client. 
I know that commission work comes with a whole set of emotions, attached to the subject, that the client experiment. It is important to understand those.

An artist should have acute sensibility and empathy towards the others. 

Be conscious and aware of the present moment, carpe diem, trust your intuition, observe where you are in your process, take time to review your past work.

Feed on the beauty of other artists you admire, read; Steal Like an Artist, from Austin Kleon and The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin

Trust that ideas and intuitions are floating in the universe and you have to be on the receiving end. All you have to do is to dial-up to the right frequency.

old man sending color to the grey Pictou City Hall

A dull grey building can also inspire 

Remember to work with love and passion.








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