autumn corn field - sunset painting

Every Painting Tells a Story

Every painting has its own story.

Sometime you have the story well before picking up your brushes.Sometime in the process of creation.and sometime, like for this one, way after it's finished.

Life sometimes has funny ways to make us live moments of grace and happiness.

We paint to please ourselves. Being complimented for our work is always flattering. From time to time, we have opportunity to see how much we can touch peolple.I did this painting in autumn 2012 from a picture taken on the side of the road, on the way back from work.

aitumn corn field - sunset photography

I liked the idea of using the spatula and creating a composition with the sun filtering through the dried harvested corn fields.

Just like an actor who looks directly to the camera, the composition of the sun goes a little against the classic rules.

The paintings exhibited in the studio and on our web pages, take there turns being the favorite, everyone having different tastes.This was the case for Champ d’automne .

Denise, a longtime friend of my girlfriend had a devastating and incurable cancer. She got the right to received medically-assisted death.Two weeks before her death, she asked me to lend her this painting to put her in front of her bed in the hospital. 

She told me that every morning when she woke up, she opened her eyes and saw the sunlight. It helped her find her own light to prepare for her last voyage.

It was an honor to offer her some comfort and serenity.

For sure the original painting will remain forever in the family, but prints are available

Thank you Denise. Rest In Peace and watch over us.

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